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Publisher glehar
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The online game of Elden Ring Product Key is a unique fantasy RPG that allows you to become a hero in this vast world. As you travel, you will discover various mysteries and threats, and be given missions to discover and defeat.
During the course of the adventure, you will have the chance to improve your skills, meet new people, and forge friendships with them. You will be able to fight against threatening monsters, acquire powerful allies, and improve your equipment and skills using Experience Points and GEMs.
You can freely create your own custom character and freely choose from a variety of weapons, armor, and magic.

You will constantly be having fun while progressing your adventure by roaming this vast, 3D world.


“I would like to thank IEM for this award and for the support they have given me from the beginning.

This title has fulfilled my dream of creating a free-to-play game. It is a lot of hard work and now we are coming up to the last stage of the release. I would like to thank all the users that have been supporting us since the release of the game. I’m confident that this new game that many of you would like will be able to satisfy your expectations. ”



“My official third and last thank you to IEM for this precious award.

Releasing a free to play game is a really hard work, so thank you very much to the entire team. By releasing this game I hope that my fans enjoyed the game and will try to learn how to play it if they didn’t know yet.”



“I would like to thank IEM for this award.

We are a team made up of many passionate fighters, and we are grateful to be a part of this game. Our goal for this title is to create a title that can be accessible to all, regardless of their fighting background, and at the same time not to forget of course the history of the series.

At the beginning, we had some issues with this game, but we made good efforts to overcome all obstacles, as all games do not run without bugs.

We would like to thank our fans for their faith in us, and for always supporting us


Features Key:

  • A fantasy epic action RPG with a vast world full of excitement
  • More than a dozen playable races
  • The large cast of characters is comprised of the humans and Elves whose motives are unclear
  • Seven classes to choose from
  • The title of “Elden Lord” is held by the hero who tries to achieve a higher level on the large continents
  • The fully remastered game in high definition with painstakingly improved UI elements, textures, artwork, effects, and entire game experience
  • The return of the ludicrous online mode
  • An enhanced 2.5D action with an expanded range of weapons and magic

    Elden Ring game information:

    • Windows® (TM) OS (Microsoft Corporation)
    • CPU: Intel® Core®2 Duo E7500
    • RAM: 3 GB
    • VRAM: 2 GB
    • HDD: 32 GB
    • OS: Windows® 7/8/10 (latest)
    • region: The game is a licensed product of Mistwalker, published by Mistwalker, Inc. (C) 2012-2014

    Fantasy Action RPG

    You are in the game!
    Select class, and create a character.Definitions used in this article

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    “This game is a cross between the charming and the challenging, and even if it’s difficult in the beginning, you’ll be surprised to learn how much fun it can be once you gain strength.”
    “It might sound like a game from the early 2000s, but the mechanics are polished and the single player campaign provides a consistent challenge for players to overcome as they journey to become the ultimate Elden Lord.”
    (PC Music)
    “If you’re looking for a deep RPG that leaves a lasting impression, the New Fantasy Action RPG could be a game worth checking out.”
    “Everyone has played a game of tag on their phone, so why not a game of tag for the console? As simple as it sounds, Elden Ring does wonders with its attention to detail and the visual polish on the experience.”
    “Don’t you wish you could be a lord yourself, where to step on, where to stand, and how to call forth your fearsome powers? Countless hours of gameplay will be at your disposal if you invest yourself enough in the game.”
    “A good start.”
    “New Fantasy Action RPG isn’t a million miles away from games like Dungeons & Dragons Online, but it does feel more like the result of a more personal interest from the developer.”
    “Elden Ring provides a surprisingly good challenge for players to overcome for fans of the genre. The game could use some graphical and game design upgrades to push itself higher in the rankings, but it’s well worth checking out.”
    (MTV Multiplayer)
    “…it’s a lot of fun. The controls are intuitive and the gun play is deep, but the role playing elements are what make Elden Ring worth your time and money.”
    (Gentleman Gamer)
    “…anyone who likes their RPGs with a bite and their RPG with a heart can’t fail to find enjoyment in Elden Ring.”
    (Muffin Media)
    The new fantasy action RPG from KOGAD is back with a massive update for the game. Along with new quests, battle features, items, and many more improvements.
    The New Fantasy Action RPG is a game that allows players to play as a lord and explore the Lands Between. You will travel through a vast world where you will face different monsters and complete quests. As you level up


    Elden Ring Activation

    Those who met the prophecy in the past, “You need a lord who you can trust to lead you in this dark time. The time has come to awaken your powers.” After long prayers, your lord has appeared. He has been waiting for you in a long cold winter. It is time for you to become a lord of the Elden Ring.
    The lord leaves the Dark Eye’s original world of Middle-East, and comes to the Lands Between in search of you. Who is this lord, and what is he seeking?
    As the world grows large, the lord must set his plans into motion. He must find you and establish an alliance. The only way he can leave the Land Between, which is a literal prison, and return back to his own world is with your help.
    In the Elden Ring, no one will guide or protect you. This is not a game where you fight alone. This is not an RPG where you just put points into attributes. Even without any equipment, you can forge weapons of light and fight strong in the darkness. In addition, though you may be alone, you will not be alone. In the darkness, a glorious figure will appear in your midst.
    Drama of the World Between
    An epic drama in which the thoughts of various characters intersect. They have lost their stories and lives after being taken to the Dark Eye. As the lord, will you save the world? The World Between is the altar for this story.
    Key Features
    – The fantasy action RPG is great for 1-2 players.

    – Awaken the powers of the Elden Ring and become a lord

    – It’s a completely online RPG

    – Players can set their own goals in a way that they like.

    – You can explore unknown areas and monsters to fight

    – It’s based on a multilayered story with an epic drama

    – Get along with the other characters and enjoy the atmosphere

    – Intense battles with equipment and spells

    – Over 700,000 words written by a staff of writers

    – The characters and design are created by Nobuhiro Watsuki

    – A high class RPG


    – You can create your own character, and it’s possible to increase the levels of stats.

    – The skill levels of the characters are high, and it is possible to make characters that are overpowered.

    Atmosphere & Feel

    – A legend


    What’s new:


    As usual, we will be working on all the responses as planned and will announce a period of grace as soon as we finish. We thank you again for your patience and understanding. Please hold onto your feelings and enjoy the game!

    Developer Q&A

    Which areas on the character-creation screen can be customized?

    There are several areas that can be customized in the character-creation screen when creating your first character.

    • Weapon
    • Bag and Item
    • Equip Skill
      (combat attributes)
    • Class Features
      (combat attributes)
    • Divine Attributes
    • Beginning Equipment
    • Equip Weapon
    • Appearance

    How many enemies can players fight on story mode?

    On story mode, the number of enemies and traps have been adjusted. Also, players can now clear story mode within a single day.

    What do you plan to add if we complete the story within a day?
    There are many options that we want to add if we complete the story within a day, including: More items and variety; More difficulty; and Increased convenience.
    Thank you for your attention!


    Tue, 30 Aug 2019 14:20:50 +0000ea76c145ba5149e5e481a4a5bd99d7b:8b12859a-fe7d-4ef3-b48b-696ccf0db93d>UPDATED (v5)

    Why have you not offered BDO’s popularity as a reason for the recent game suspensions?

    The official Twitter is maintaining the policy of the company, so I can not


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    Final words:

    To start downloading it, you must agree with the License Agreement. Moreover, I can not speak for the referees of the game, it is only my subjective opinion. Finally, I recommend you to play the game after you have at least read through the manual because it is very important to understand how the game was built.Q:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 10 – 5.2.2929.0 (build 14393)
    Windows 8.1 – 5.2.2929.0 (build 14393)
    OS X 10.10 – 10.10.1 (build 14A238)
    Linux 32bit – 4.10.0-28-generic (build 18329)
    Linux 64bit – 4.10.0-28-generic (build 18329)
    Minimum spec to play at 1080p and HD 3D (30fps)
    OS: Windows 10


    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher glehar
    Format File
    Rating 4.71 / 5 ( 1191 votes )
    Update (9 days ago)


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