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. Operating systems are supported: MAC OS X and Windows. MikroBasic PRO for PIC 2009 v1.05. Enter the serial number of the newer. Mikroc Control Pro 5.64. MikroC for PIC version 5.61. MikroC FOR PIC V5.61 CRACK 1.71 ;. MikroC for PIC version 5.61.rar// -*- C++ -*-

* @file BitRwSet_Simple.h
* $Id: BitRwSet_Simple.h 80826 2008-03-04 14:51:23Z wotte $
* @author Irfan Pyarali

# include /**/ “ace/pre.h”

# include /**/ “ace/config-all.h”

# if!defined (ACE_LACKS_PRAGMA_ONCE)
# pragma once

#include “ace/Bit_Set_T.h”


* @class ACE_BitRwSet_Simple
* @brief This class holds a bit set for the context of a program.
* Internally, it uses a Bit_Set_T and the code is very
* similar to ACE_Bit_Set_T, except that it does the bit operations
* itself instead of looking up the size and converting pointers.
class ACE_Export ACE_BitRwSet_Simple : public ACE_Bit_Set_T
// = Initialization method.
ACE_BitRwSet_Simple (void);

* Set up bit range @a start to @a end.
void add (ACE_UINT32 start, ACE_UINT32 end);

// = Utility methods for catching exception.

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