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As the density of components in integrated circuit devices increases, the ability of test apparatus to probe and exercise the functional circuits formed on the integrated circuit die becomes increasingly important. Electronic circuits are typically tested to determine their operation by sending input information to the circuit on one set of inputs and observing the circuit’s output on another set of outputs.
To facilitate testing, integrated circuit dies are generally packaged in support of a test environment. For example, leads are generally positioned around or through the package in order to establish electrical connection between a test apparatus and the integrated circuit die. Typically, the leads facilitate connection between the integrated circuit die and an external JTAG controller that tests the integrated circuit die.
Leadless packages are also known, in which a single row of metal bumps is formed on the integrated circuit die. The metal bumps provide electrical connection to a test apparatus, typically through the application of pressure and heat.
As an alternative to leadless packages and single row bumped dies, flip-chip assemblies are also known. In a flip-chip arrangement, an integrated circuit die having a surface, generally containing a plurality of bonding pads, is electrically and mechanically connected to a substrate through a set of solder balls. The solder balls are generally formed directly on the chip and are typically formed in a grid array pattern. An underfill material is typically used to provide a structure for supporting the die and electrically insulating it from the substrate. The underfill material is used to encapsulate the chip and further forms a partial seal between the chip and the substrate.
A problem associated with leadless packages, single row bumped dies, and flip-chip assemblies is that they require a large number of electrical connections in order to electrically connect the integrated circuit die to the test apparatus. The large number of electrical connections increases the likelihood that a connection will be defectively formed and result in an open connection. The large number of electrical connections also increases the time needed to prepare the integrated circuit die for testing. Additionally, forming the electrical connections on the integrated circuit

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