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I’m keeping the output file small in case I’m right and it’s the problem.


Ok, I found the problem. I had two iTextSharp versions in the bin. One old one (version 5) from program. The new one was only for.Net 4.6.1.


Do we need the synonym “stratification” for “structure”?

I was going to retag a question and wanted to use “stratification” for “structure” (since I am using Python to write a program), but stumbled upon the term “structure” already. The synonym does not exist from the main site. The word “structure” also has other meanings, like “structure of a book.” However, I don’t want to change the question with “structure” as one of the tags, since I think it looks good already.
Is “stratification” an okay synonym to “structure”?


This is a great place to ask for synonyms. As a beta, we are still working out the details of which of the sites is the proper target of a synonym, and the relationship between the different sites is not always fully understood, so we are going to probably need your help.
If you see a tag that you think is a mis-spelling, feel free to suggest a synonym. To do this, click on the gray tag that shows up for that term in the tag cloud. In the popup, you can suggest a new synonym for the term, or you can choose from among the existing synonyms. If you choose one of those, then the term will be changed to that synonym.
I’m afraid I can’t tell you a good way to choose among the synonyms for “structure” as a replacement for “stratification” without having a dictionary handy. If you do see one of those on Stack Overflow or other sites, feel free to add it to your tag cloud to help people who are looking for “stratification”.

// CodeMirror, copyright (c) by Marijn Haverbeke and others
// Distributed under an MIT license:

(function(mod) {
if (typeof exports == “object” && typeof module == “object”) //


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