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. th”e’ -W.holling KeYl’0! How Can I Register To Reprint This Article.Q: Reusable Module in Extjs with multiple Forms Suppose I have a table with multiple rows of data. When I click on the row, I want to open a form to be able to edit the particular row in a form panel on the right of the screen. I’ve done this by adding a form which is re-used in multiple views. Here is what the interface looks like: Ext.define(‘Noto.views.MyView’, { extend: ‘Ext.panel.Panel’, alias: ‘’, initComponent: function() { var me = this; Ext.apply(this, { xtype: ‘form’, itemId:’my-view-form’, border: false, width: 500, resizable: false, bodyPadding: ’10 0 0 0′, layout: { type: ‘vbox’, align: ‘center’ }, items: [{ xtype: ‘fieldcontainer’, layout: { type: ‘hbox’ }, items: [{


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