of the Week “A man walks into a park and sees a familiar blonde sitting on the bench… He calls out to her, ‘Not you again. What are you doing here?’ ‘Well, Tom,’ she tells him, ‘I’m waiting for me homework to finish’. ‘That’s great, but there must be a better place to sit than this one’. ‘What other place would I want to sit?’ she asked. ‘Well, there’s a bench under that tree.’ He pointed to a tree 500 meters from the one where they were sitting. ‘That’s different,’ she protested. ‘But it’s the same distance from the park.’ ‘Why would I want to be 500 meters away from the park when I could be right here with you? Don’t you like me?’ He considered the question and finally said, ‘That is such a silly question. Of course, I do like you. You’re the most wonderful woman in the whole world’.” -John says this to Sue after they’ve been dating for six months. Share this joke: Comments: There are 8 comments on this joke: sololec said: OK, this actually makes sense in the park on the bench where they are actually sitting. With the distance from the park they would have to walk 1,000 meters from the park to sit at that other bench. But, as stated, if they are just sitting on the bench, a 500 meter walk takes them over there. Sololec said: I’m thinking the story of two young friends who play golf together. One of them, an old friend, compliments the second friend on his new golf club. He explains how great it is, and then says that he prefers his old club because it feels so good in his hand. The old friend then asks if the second friend would like to swap clubs. The second friend agrees. The old friend hands him the new club and places his old club next to the new one. The second friend is now playing with his old club. “You know, I always felt so proud to hold that great new club. But you can’t beat the old club, it just

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