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Here is what I think might be the problem. You need to either switch off the APCs or just make sure that they are locked up until they have a new 48 hour lock-in period before the expiration date.
From here

We are waiting for the loading info to be displayed on the menu. It may take a few moments to fully load, and during that time the program will not function. In most cases, the system will lock up, and the LED screen will display the error “Error loading the data. Check the battery.”
Please wait up to 50 seconds for the loader to appear.

I have been able to put in codes on two of my Optiarc OptiArc 50RS (Plextor) that seem to be locked up even after the 48 hour period. However my Sony DL 3200 plus was not doing this. Another OptiArc that also had this same problem was my OptiArc SX10. My question then was is there a trigger that can be pulled to send these over to updating to the latest firmware? I cant seem to find this. This was the link where I found this info (just to refresh memory):

As requested here is the full error message I get:
Error loading the data.
check the battery.

This is what I came up with:


I will not mark an answer as accepted because it’s not.
I was able to fix my own OptiArc 50RS using They have instructions in English but I had to use “work on it” as a translator. It was the battery.
“Unplug the computer and wait at least 15 minutes. Then plug it in again and begin to power up

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