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Episode 6: The Early Years

When Austin returned home from Germany, she brought with her the secret ingredient to an amazing French restaurant that she and her husband had just walked into. This was not a secret shared by her husband. She was a very persuasive woman, but also one who loved her husband and always wanted to please him. When it came to dining out at a restaurant, she felt she only needed to persuade him to go out for a steak dinner. They would have a very fun time, she would have a good time, and he would eat the most amazing steak. However, in her mind, she also knew that she was asking him to spend money on something she would enjoy. Her father had recently died, and her mom was left without many dollars. Her husband was the new breadwinner, and in his usual matter-of-fact manner, he had told her that for an anniversary present, he wanted to take her and the kids to a French restaurant. He had been to so many French restaurants since they had been married that she had no faith that he would really do this. She was going to ask, nonetheless. When she told him what she had found, he gave her his “I didn’t say anything” face and then drove away.

She was doomed. He didn’t say anything. She had nothing. She didn’t even have a list of the things she needed to bring him that day or the next day. When she asked her mother and her mother-in-law to go along on her anniversary dinner, they were flabbergasted that they were not invited.


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