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It was a day of renewal for a Swansboro couple who were released on bond Monday after being arrested last week for murder.

James and Sonja Whiting, who live across the street from the fatal stabbing on May 31st, were released from jail on Monday.

They were released on a $50,000 bond because of their “extenuating circumstances,” the lowest they could be released under the law.

“The judge explained to me that they weren’t going to spend the night in jail, and she just said she was going to give them $50,000 bond,” said Jasmine Tillman, the grandmother of murdered 13-year-old Colin Morris.

Tillman said she was at the jail to witness the morning of the release because she wanted James and Sonja released.

“I’m grateful for what the people of Grand Strand have done for them. They’re so loved here, and they’re so loved by everyone else,” said Tillman.

James and Sonja Whiting owned the truck that pulled the child from the water.

It’s been nearly a week since their son, Jacob, pulled Colin Morris from the water.

Jacob later told investigators he pulled the child into the water because he was mad.

“I’m so mad. I feel that whoever did this is going to be paying the consequences,” said Tillman.

People came together Sunday to honor the family, and their call for peace after the murder.

“We’re just asking for people to be aware of their children around the water and to have an awareness of their children in the water,” said Tillman.

It happened near the Grand Strand’s popular Isle of Palms Beach. A homeless man told WMBF News he saw Colin wandering near the beach.

“Just laying there in the sand,” said Sceal Mitchell.

He said he saw people go to the boy’s aid.

“I saw a man run to him, they moved him away, and he was laying on the sand like a sleeping baby. And people were passing, trying to help him. Tried to wake him up, but nothing happened,” said Mitchell.

Police said a dispute over a parking

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