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KMSpico 20.10.4 (Windows And Office Activator) Download Pc

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KMSpico 20.10.4 (Windows And Office Activator)

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Get a folder’s children recursively

I have two apps A & B. App A has a folder named A and another named AB. Inside the folder A has another folder called AB1. Under this folder I would like to have a list of all folders within A which will be put into a List of List.
I have this code:
var list = new List>();
DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(@”C:\folder”);

var files = dir.GetFiles().ToList();

foreach (var item in files)

The code works fine but is there a way to do the same thing but get all the children and list them recursively?


If what you are trying to accomplish is to get a list of all folders in a given path, then you are looking for DirectoryInfo.GetDirectories
It returns an IEnumerable of all sub-directories.

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