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1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates generally to the electro-optical data transmission and, more particularly, to an apparatus and method for correcting errors in data transmission.
2. Description of the Related Art
Conventional optical transmission technologies have reached a point at which it is possible to perform reliable, high speed transmission over very long distances. However, this very ability has resulted in the need for very sophisticated protection against failures and faults in optical transmission lines. Accordingly, as transmission networks become more complex and expand in size, it has become increasingly important to find fault-tolerant solutions to the problem of automatically detecting and locating the failure point in the transmission line network.
Optical data transmission systems, such as fiber optics, can be subjected to certain types of propagation faults. For example, a break in a fiber can cause transmission loss at the break site. In addition, a break in a fiber or cable can also cause one or more of the fibers in the cable to become detached from its respective connection. When a transmission line fails in such a manner, the two ends of the transmission line are no longer connected, and the transmission line is said to have opened.
A transmission line having an open or a short circuit (that is, a circuit in which transmission through the line is interrupted) can cause light pulses traveling along a transmission line to reflect from the open or short circuit, or, alternatively, to be scattered in a manner that causes the pulses to reflect back towards the transmitter. In either case, there is no propagation of the light pulses in the direction of the light source. This results in an output that looks like white noise. If there are sufficient pulses on the line in one direction at the time of the failure, then the reflected pulses will cause consecutive pulses to be suppressed. If there is no power on the


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