The GameCircles forums host a large number of high-quality mods and mods for games. The whole forum is almost inaccessible to people who aren’t signed up, though, so don’t expect to download non-cracked applications here. That said, the site was popular for modded an unmodified RTS about ‘90s virtual reality (the unofficial sequel, Project Blackout, is available for free on Google Play and Steam) before being changed to a PC variant. Games » Blue’s Boardwalk 2 is a great sports game for Android. Get yours now!.

The thing that makes Gamejolt so unique is that it’s a site that allows you to request a mod, browse various games that have been requested for, and even rate the ability of the mod tester. It’s not only a modding service, but it’s a community that has become an important part of the Android gaming community. Each mod is easy to download. We’ve found the best 10 Android games.

Gamejolt has been around for a bit longer than the other two sites on this list, and still hasn’t lost much of its shine. Not only can you download premium mods like this one, but they also pay the downloader. From time to time, Gamejolt pays out upwards of $20 per download, giving it the most generous payout of all the sites on this list.

Similar to Gamejolt, Xmodgames’ main draw is the games, but other sites on the network also pay downloaders. That adds up to a lot of money, especially when you consider that Gamejolt has only been around since 2010. Plus, the mods are easy to download, and there is an ever-expanding Android modding community that contributes.