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RCHuman: I have an Extreme 3d PRO Logitech joystick. Thanks! Wing Commander detects only buttons 1 and 2 (or 0 and 1), usually trigger and . Sometimes a couple more buttons. So, on these buttons, the buttons have other actions that are not in the list. That is, for example, button 1 in the action list has: “D-A-C”. And on the button 1 in the joystick there is a button A. When pressed, instead of A, it turns out D. I think that this is wrong. I would like to have buttons in the action list on buttons 1 and 2 that correspond to button 2 on the joystick, and I can press this button, and not A or D. When I press the D button, “D-A-C” will appear in the action list. Thank you.

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