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July 11, 2021 – Gumnaam गुमनाम 2008 | Dino Morea, Mahima Chaudhry, Suman Ranganathan, Rakhi Savant | Hindi Thriller Full Movie Gumnaam – The Mystery is a … Dino Morea, Mahima Chaudhry, Suman Ranganathan, Rakhi Savant | Hindi Thriller Full Movie Gumnaam – The Mystery is a thriller film in Hindi dubbed by Gumnaam directed by Gumbal Sood and produced by Bharat Chaudhary and Sadanshi Chowdhury. In the film, a young girl, Zachary, is beset with an unfortunate luck in her life. Her mother, Jodi, is the owner of a small restaurant, and Zachary is the only child in the family. She is fond of dancing and dancing is not the main focus of the story.

Gumnaam (1976) Synopsis This movie is a crime thriller set in the backdrop of gangsters and rajas in the 1960s, the year before independence. The main plot is the growing rivalry between two gangs, one of which is headed by Chagan (Ali) and the other by Guru (Mal). Guru is a man of superior qualities, and fights against Chagan, who is a lesser man, but a talented one. The movie is often compared to the classic The Godfather, and the two movies, in terms of their storyline, have many similarities. How it all unfolds is the suspense and magic that it has to offer. In the past, Chagan had been a good friend of Guru’s, but recently, Chagan has been forcing Guru to sell all his properties and land. Guru fears that this is a sign of an upcoming plot against him. After consulting an astrologer (who is also his lover), he realizes that there is no way out. Guru warns Chagan, but Chagan thinks that it is better to do nothing. Chagan then makes a mockery of his friendship with Guru by giving him a wreath from his own grave. When they meet at the party, they almost come to blows. But when they feel that the media is on to their game, they decide to call it off. Chagan then takes Guru to his friend’s place, where he kills the friend after he faints. Guru uses this moment to run away, and the other gang members start looking for him, and consider him to be dead. This incident leads the police to believe that Chagan has also done away with his rival. The police corner Guru and pressure him to admit to being part of the murder. He cannot take it anymore and he runs away. He goes home, and is surrounded by a group of policemen. He is detained and the police start interrogating him. The owner of the home then arrives with his three old and helpless kids. They take Guru away to their place to hide, where they have already kidnapped two other people. Guru is taken inside, and he realizes that the police are after him, so he starts running from pillar to post to find out more information. One of the captives tries to escape, but is caught by the policemen. He is killed, and an old woman is forced to reveal the location of another one of the captives. They go to the hideout, but the old lady’s daughter is also killed c6a93da74d